Research projects with international funding

05.2016-04.2017 „Violence against university women: Postsocialist and transnational perspectives“ (University of Toronto, OSIE), Senior country research executive



02.2016-06.2016 „Development and implementation of a system for monitoring, evaluation and control of the National Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria for Roma Integration 2012-2020“ (ESF, 2014BG05M9OP001-3.2015.001), Key expert: social research



03.2015-10.2015 „Follow up data collection for the impact evaluation „Bulgaria: springboard for school readiness“ (World bank, contract 7174649), Team leader



02.2015-10.2015 „Social disparities and regional differences in school-to-work transitions in Bulgaria“ (BAS and University of Basel, SNSF grant), Ethicity survey expert



06.2014-09.2014 „Interethnic Relations in Bulgaria“. (University of Lausanne, UNILaPS, SNSF grant), Ethicity survey expert (subcontr.)



03.2014-07.2014 „Data collection for the TSA Bulgaria preschool randomized control trial“ (World bank, contract 7170562), Team leader



11.2013-09.2017 “Provision of services for participatory action research on local Roma integration plans” (FRA: F-SE-13-T06-C01), National coordinator and fieldwork expert



09.2013-06.2015 “Development of a Rating System for Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria" (BG051PO001-3.2.04-0001) Lead researcher



09.2013-08.2014 “Management for effective vocational education” (BG051PO001-3.2.03). Key data gathering expert



06.2013-07.2013 “Youth is tolerance – combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people” (JUST/2011-2012-FRC/2867). Amalipe. Lead researcher



06.2013-07.2013 „Bulgarian Longitudinal Inclusive Society Survey“ (World Bank and Open Sociaty Institute), Fieldwork manager



11.2012-05.2013 NEUJOBS: Creating and adapting jobs in Europe in the context of socio-ecological transition. Country expert on Labour market policies



10.2012-04.2013 Monitoring the implementation of National Roma Integration Strategies and Decade Action Plans - shadow report. Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation, National lead researcher



11.2012-12.2012 Local level contextualization of survey data (Beyond Transition: Regional Human Development Report 2011), UNDP. Consultant



11.2012-12.2012.Tailoring Immunization Program Research on vaccination/immunization-seeking behaviour among vulnerable communities in Bulgaria, WHO. Lead researcher



05.2012-09.2012. Evaluation of the project “Expansion of Foster Care Model in Bulgaria”, UNICEF. Team leader



11.2011-02.2012 Homelessness and Housing Among Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Bulgaria (UNHCR: BUL/11/019/ISSK). Team leader



02.2011-01.2012 To Touch The Untouchable: Combating Traditional And New Anti-Roma Stereotypes (JUST/2010/FRAC/AG/1108-30-CE-0377116/00-43). Consortium Amalipe(Bulgaria)- Justitia et Pax (the Netherlands), Sastipen (Romania). Expert sociologist



11.2010-05.2012 Data transfer and exchange of good practices regarding the inclusion of Roma population between Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain (POSDRU/98/6.4/S/63841). Expert sociologist



03.2010-09.2010 Preventing forced marriages. (JLS/2008/DAP3/AG/1298-30-CE-03124780080) Consortium Amalipe(Bulgaria)-Liga pro Europa (Rumania)-Arsis (Greece). Head researcher



03.2010-05.2010 A Review of the Bulgaria School Autonomy Reforms. (World Bank report No. 54890-BG). Qualitative data gathering expert



05.2009–11.2010 Restoring the European Dimension of the Romani Language and Culture. 2009-2163/001-001 CU7 MULT7 Consortium  KEJA (Budapest, Hungary). Team leader for Bulgaria



07.2009–09.2010 Feasibility study for creating a European University Data Collection (RTD/C/C4/2009/0233402). Consortium EUMIDA (Pisa, Italy). National expert for Bulgaria



02.2009-02.2010 Advancing the Educational Inclusion and Quality in SEE countries (Phase 2: Cross-country Survey on Parents). Centre for Educational Policy Studies - University of Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Country coordinator for Bulgaria



02.2008–09.2008 Technical Assistance for the implementation of the Health Promotion & Preventive Maternal and Child Health Care, EuropeAid/122909/D/SER/BG. Consortium “OSI-IKON-ZPM-BAFP”. Data gathering expert



04.2008-05.2008 Technical Assistance for the implementation of the educational component under Improvement of the situation and inclusion of the disadvantaged ethnic minorities with a special focus on Roma EuropeAid/ 122908/ D/ SER/ BG Consortium GET German Education and Training – OSI (Sofia, Bulgaria). Trainer of trainers



03.2007-03.2010 Multi-Disciplinary and Cross-National Approaches to Romany Studies - a Model for Europe. Consortium CEU - Central European University (Budapest, Hungary). Lecturer/Tutor



10.2003-10.2005 Fertility Choices in Eastern Europe: the capital cities of Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (Rostock, Germany). National expert for Bulgaria