International conference papers 


·         (2016) Recent transformations on the Romani bride market in Bulgaria. Presented at 8th Congress of the International Association for Southeast European Anthropology. Balkan Life Courses: Family, Childhood, Youth, and Old Age in Southeast Europe, 15 – 17 September 2016, Sofia, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria



·         (2016) Impact of the crises on social distances. Presented at: Living The Crisis: Everyday Life And Translation. Plovdiv University, 8th-10th September 2016, Plovdiv, Bulgaria



·         (2016) History of Roma Persecutions in Europe, Presented at: Roma Empowerment Meeting. EGAM - European Grassroots Antiracist Movement, July 21st-24th 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria



·         (2016) Qualitative and Quantitative Use of Vignette Questions on a Sensitive Topics. Presented at: The VIIth Conference of the European Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction: Integrating Interactionist Traditions: Building Theoretical, Methodological, and Disciplinary Bridges in the Study of Everyday Life, July 4th-8th, 2016, Topola, Bulgaria



·         (2015) Roma youth on the labour market, Presented at: Education and Work: (Un-) equal Transitions with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe, Sofia, BAS and University of Basel, 24-25 September 2015



·         (2015) Public attitudes towards the refugees in Bulgaria, Presented at: The Role of NGOs in Assisting Refugees and Migrants, OSI-Sofia, Sofia, 14-15 May 2015



·         (2015) The Governmental policy of hate, Presented at: The Populist Shifts, Rise of Extreme Right and ‘Othering’ in Europe: Challenges and Anti-discrimination Strategies, EESC, Brussels,  March 4th, 2015



·         (2014) Research tools and methodological issues in the study of Roma migration within EU, Presented at: Research puzzles and competing approaches to studying Roma migration.  CEU (Budapest, Hungary), 11-12 December 2014



·         (2013) Roma migration in the EU. Presented at: Destitution and Homelessness among Roma Migrants. Sofia, CSD, October 11th, 2013



·         (2012) Basic developments in the education, healthcare, housing and employment of Roma in Bulgaria in the past ten years. Presented at: Roma Inclusion Good Practices in the Visegrad 4 countries and Bulgaria, Sofia, Embassy of the Republic of Poland, October 18-19, 2012



·         (2011) Decade of Roma inclusion in Bulgaria. Mid-Term State of Art Assessment. Presented at: Roma Leaders 4 Regional Partnership, Sofia, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative. 27.02-02.03.2011



·         (2010) Current Developments in Education Policies Towards Roma in Bulgaria. Presented at: Implementation of Minority Protection Rules in New EU Member States, Zurich. ETH, 18-19.09.2010



·         (2009) Social Distances and Stereotypes Towards the Immigrants in Bulgaria. Presented at: Migration to, from, and in South-eastern Europe: Intercultural Communication, Social Change and Transnational Ties" – 5th InASEA conference, Ankara, Turkey, 21-24 May 2009



·         (2008) Building Identity through Riots: The case of Fakulteto district. Presented at: First ISA forum of Sociology. Barcelona, Spain, 5-8 September 2008



·         (2008) Social distances towards the new immigrants in Bulgaria. Presented at: Migration In And From South-eastern Europe, 2-3 June 2008, Sofia



·         (2008) “To buy the votes?” Observing Roma minority’s participation in elections in Bulgaria. Presented at: Election Monitoring and Advocacy. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 27-28 March 2008



·         (2007) A kaleidoscopic ethnic identity: the case of Roma in Bulgaria. Presented at: Ethnicity, Belonging, Biography and Ethnography. Gottingen, Germany, ISA, DGS, TransCoop project “Biography and ethnicity”, December 2007



·         (2007) Social exclusion of Roma in Bulgaria. [poster] Presented at: Social exclusion and the changing demographic portrait of Europe. Budapest, Hungary, 4th conference of EAPS Working group “Second demographic transition”, 6-8 September 2007



·         (2007) The Romany Parties At The Local Elections 2007. Presented at: Political Representation and Participation of Minorities in the Balkan Democratization Process. Sofia, New Bulgarian University, June 2007



·         (2007) Regional Similarities and Differences in Romany Kinship Terminology. Presented at: Region, Regional Identity and Regionalism in South-eastern Europe Timişoara, Romania, 24-27 May 2007



·         (2006) Family formation and family patterns in Bulgaria in the end of the 20th century - a case study of Sofia. Presented at: Family and Household in Urban East and Southeast Europe. Graz, IISH & Graz University, 2006



·         (2006) Roma/Gypsy population in Bulgaria as a challenge for the policy relevance, Presented at EPC 2006, Liverpool (UK), June 2006



·         (2005) Sociology of the Family as a Cross Field of the Social Sciences, Presented at Sociology and Interdisciplinary Knowledge, Mellon Disciplinary Workshop. Sofia, CAS, 7-10 December 2005



·         (2005) Mynarska, M., A. Pamporov & M. Jakab An Ideal Sequence of Life Events. The Use of Visual Aids whilst Interviewing – [poster] Presented at "Postponement of Childbearing in Europe". Vienna, Vienna Institute of Demography & IIASA, December 2005



·         (2005) The place of the child and the marriage in the life cycle in Bulgaria: a case study of Sofia. Presented at RTN workshop on fertility process (DEMOG), Vienna, Vienna Institute of Demography, November 2005



·         (2005) Romany family formation and female socialization – Presented at Roma in Central and Southeast Europe. Brussels, UNDP, October 2005



·         (2005) Fertility choices in Bulgaria. Two possible patterns – Presented at RTN workshop on fertility process (DEMOG), Paris, INED, March 2005



·         (2005) Pamporov, A., M. Mynarska & M. Jakab The use of ending picture in the process of interviewing –Presented at First workshop on Anthropological demography in Europe. Rostock, EAPS & MPIDR, August 2005



·         (2003) The Second Demographic Transition is Impossible: Family Patterns of Roma (Gypsies) in Bulgaria. – Presented at "The Second Demographic Transition in Europe", Spa (Belgium), EAPS, June 2003