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Pamporov, A. (2016) To Nurture hatred in the neighbourhood, Politiki, 02/2016 

Pamporov, A. (2016) Catch 9/7: Voting abroad, for dummies, Marginalia, 02.05.2016 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2016) Who is afraid of "sociology"?, Marginalia, 25.04.2016 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2015) If you want to live in a city without Gypsy ghettos, Marginalia, 09.11.2015 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2015) The Syrian neighbour, Politiki, 02/15

Pamporov, A. (2015) A Beggar on Policyback, Marginalia, 23.02.2015 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2014) The Prig's Guide to the Policy, Marginalia, 24.12.2014 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2014) The Neighbourhood: an Ethnic castle, Politiki, 05/14 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2014) The "New Gypsies", Politiki, 03/14

Pamporov, A. (2013) Subcultures of distrust, Politiki, 04/13 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2013) The status quo is dead. Long live the status quo!, Politiki, 04/13 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2013) The end of the printed press, Politiki, 04/13 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2013) Are we seeing the emergence of mass poverty culture in Bulgaria. Pokitiki, 03/13

Pamporov, A. (2013) A Pending Democracy, Politiki, 02/13 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A., Z. Vankova, M. Shishkova (2013) Where is my home? Homelessness and Access to Housing among Asylum-Seekers, Refugees and Persons with International Protection in Bulgaria. UNHCR - Central Europe.

Pamporov, A. (2012) The social distances in Bulgaria: 2008-2012 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2012) The media consumption, Politiki, 05/12

Pamporov, A. (2011) Social disparities on the Labour market, Politiki, 11/11

Pamporov, A. (2011) Déjà vu: The disappearing minorities, Obektiv, 25/07/2011 (in Bulgarian)

Pamporov, A. (2011) A Man is a Man when he is... abroad, Politiki, 08/11

Pamporov, A. (2011) The impact of the Financial crisis on Roma households, Politiki, 04/11

Pamporov, A. (2011) Attitudes of the Business and the Population in the Conditions of an Economic Crisis. Politiki, 02/11  


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